Welcome to Orange City!

Orange City is the name of the sprawl that has covered most of Central Florida. Politicians and businessmen managed to pull the rug out from all the snowbirds and retirees as the baby boomers are hitting up Uncle Sam for their social security checks.

First thing that happened was the eco-friendlies lost in several precedent setting cases allowing the urbanization of wetlands. As the cities started rolling on the “urban renewal” of the area, the politicians managed to get gambling legalized and almost overnight started to compete with Vegas. Disney was forced to tarnish their family image in order to stay afloat, and now the Epcot sphere is twice as big, blazing orange, and the home of the first Disney casino ever.

Through the last decade the lines have been blurring in Central Florida. Just a few years ago they managed to dissolve all the county lines and incorporate the entire area into one entity. Orange City. Orlando is home to the most casinos but that’s a tight call with Miami down south. The Tampa/St. Pete area has become a player in the always lucrative film and entertainment industry, from Hollywood style to Adult action. The pit that used to be Brevard County is still the space industry, just with more cocaine and hookers.

Everywhere you look it’s metal and plastic, tall and imposing, gleaming and dirty, pastel and why the fuck is every other color orange. Of course that shine is just for the rubes, tourists, and morons that find their way here. Scratch that surface and the rust underneath goes for miles. You have the normal organized crime from just about every nationality that you can name. The casinos are supposed to be on the up and up but who the hell knows. To top it all off it seems this place attracts a special kind of cape/metahuman. The god damned nutcases.

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Orange City Madness